Director Speaks

March 22, 2013:

The Aerospace & Defense industry has been going through a gradual transformation driven by the reality of shifting global demand patterns. While Aerospace & Defense is a complex environment to operate in, Hindustan Aerosytems has a vision to adapt and offer the best of products and services to various sectors (Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Automotive) in the country.

We are aiming towards bringing enormous potential and huge opportunities for collaboration and creation of joint ventures in the aerospace sector in India. This will scale the establishment of Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) facilities for civil and military aircraft, overhaul and maintenance of aero engines and production of avionics, components and accessories both in the civil and military aviation sectors.

Major players in the global aviation industry are scouting for outsourcing aerospace and defense products in India, as we are fast emerging as a center for engineering and design services. Hindustan Aerosystems aims to be in the forefront of this industry ensuring supreme quality and competitive pricing to each of its partners.

Director, Hindustan Aero Systems


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